SOLAR CYCLE- rising Sun activity and CME outbursts cause Earthquakes and heavy weathers

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 The image above: Night shot of the gigantic volcano eruption at PUYEHUE volcano / Chile on June- 04- 2011- 16: 30 local time , The volcano erupted about one hour after a minor / rather weak) faint and slow Holo CME impacted on Earth ( ground) Lightenings flash through the towering ashcloud. Also in Europe large thunderstorms occured with thousands of lightenings in all directions. 16 deers were killed in one wild park by lightenings during a thinderstorm on June-6-7

energy bombs from the Sun

Scientists say, 2013 will be the next activity peak of the so called  11 year" Solar cycle"  We had this multiple times in hour lifetime yet , but something seems to be very special or extraordinary this time.
As NASA believed during  this activity peak the sun activity will he "higher than usual", NASA and ESA lounched (last one failed by a rocket failure, so the last one was SDO in February 2010)  several new spacecrafts associated to a network of terrestrial sun observatories to observe the Sun`s activity.
And indeed, the data these spacecrafts deliver show  clearly , there is a relation between expecially "Earth- directed " holo" CMEs to the  huge  8.0- 9.2 (als prior to the Tsunami  26.12.2004- check out the report on my webpage posted below) Earthquakes, blizzards sudden tornados, volcano eruptions  we witbness since years and its became also clear: Those heavy natural catastrophies did NOT OCCURE  during the 11 years suns cycles prior tio this one  ( so far as observed by human beings). They have to do with the Sun, but seem not ONLY to be related to the current approach to the 11 years peak  of the solar cyclein 2012/ 13

Clicking on  the following link you can  get to  the open source project on my homepage,dealing with that sun activity.You find there records of those heavy earthhquakes and  and archive of related past events since may 2010.
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